Telepresence Robot to Reduce CO2 Emissions !

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Telepresence Robot to Reduce CO2 Emissions !

Get the experience of being there without actually going there with Blue Ocean Robotics new GoBe Robots that replace travel with a Remote Presence. Users remotely control the new telepresence robot and get a distinct feeling of being where the robot is as they receive live video streams of the location as the robot moves around it. This enables collaboration and interaction between people, no matter how far they are from each other. As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads, GoBe Robots are also quickly emerging as an effective tool in preventing the spread of coronavirus, overcoming closed borders, while reducing travel budgets, working hours, and transport time.

The new GoBe Robots telepresence robot is a remote-controlled mobile robot that allows communication through a 21.5-inch screen that reproduces the users face in natural size. A zoomable 4K camera and a wide-angle front camera give the robot pilot a clear overview of the location the GoBe robot discovers. The new generation of GoBe Robots also stands out with an open system that creates even more applications and allows users to maximise the potential of the technology. For example, trade show organisers can give remote attendees the ability to book themselves directly into the telepresence robot and experience booths and events while engaging with exhibitors

GoBe Robots is now launching the next generation of the world's most climate-enhancing robot. During the global virus epidemic, we have seen significant growth in orders, says Peter Juhl Voldsgaard, CEO, GoBe Robots. Telepresence robots have now become a standard technology that everyone can understand. We are now taking that experience to the next level.

GoBe Robots has more than 150,000 existing users of its telepresence robots, which contribute to colossal CO2 reductions. We have customers who have cut 90 percent of their security inspection costs because they have placed 30 telepresence robots at their factories around the world, says Claus Risager, CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics. A company in Europe with 20 employees traveling to Asia four times a year saves 500,000 kilos of CO2 by replacing air travel with the telepresence robot.