Uflex Rolls Out Natural Resource Conservation Initiatives

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Uflex Rolls Out Natural Resource Conservation Initiatives

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Uflex has rolled out natural resource conservation initiatives in partnership with Fiinovation - a technical research based consulting organization and AROH Foundation - a civil society organization, acclaimed for its work in social development and environmental restoration. Natural Resource Conservation and Optimization initiatives will entail sustained engagement in four villages of Gautam Buddha Nagar District with an overarching aim to build the capacity of the community to conserve and optimize the natural resource base. This would involve a construction of carefully planned in-situ and ex-situ rainwater harvesting structures that include field bunds and farm ponds to arrest rain water, organic and inorganic mulching to protect soil cover and plantation drive. Horticulture species shall be grown in the community and individually owned land which shall provide fodder for the livestock all year round while also supplementing the farmers’ income by bearing fruits. Over a period of 3 years, around 400 farmers will stand to benefit from the programme that has just been rolled out. The structured engagement that involves participation of all stakeholders like village panchayat, farmers, local administration and social workers will result in improvement of ground water level due to percolation; better availability of water for domestic and agricultural use; reduced soil erosion and overall enhancement of the air and water quality leading to improved health quotient of village inhabitants. Soon after launching the interventions, Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman & Managing Director, Uflex Limited said, “Uflex accords very high value to socio-environmental responsiveness. With the cooperation of all stakeholders who have pledged their support for this initiative, we are very optimistic for bringing about tangible changes for rejuvenating the eco-system of the villages that we are working in. Uflex will document the good practices thus evolved so that these interventions could be scaled up and replicated by others for the larger good of mother earth.”

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