Innover Launches Innoraise For Non-profit Organizations

The platform will help non-profits create a connected digital ecosystem to build a thriving community, amplify their mission, and maximize their impact.

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Innover, a leader in providing accelerated digital transformation solutions, has  launched InnoraiseTM, a cloud-based digital platform for non-profits to accelerate the adoption of  emerging technologies and deliver highly personalized member and donor experiences – across  moments, channels and touch points. With Innoraise, non-profits will be able meet evolving members’  and donors’ expectations, and build an active, engaged and enthralling user community.   

Innoraise enables non-profits to deliver connected experiences and integrated view across  memberships, donations, and events. The SaaS based plug-and-play platform can help non-profits  seamlessly blend a unified shopping cart, data-driven insights, personalization, and integrations to  establish an enduring foundation for sustainable growth and success. 

“We understand the unique challenges that non-profits face and are committed to helping them build a  passionate community of supporters to stay at the forefront of technological innovation and expand  their reach", said Amit Gautam, Co-founder and CEO at Innover. “Innoraise combines our extensive  knowledge of the non-profit domain and technology prowess to empower organizations to rapidly  embrace digital transformation and maximize impact in the communities they serve,.” 

Commenting on the launch, John Sullivan, Managing Partner of Sullivan Advisors and former Chief  Information Officer at the American Chemical Society, AARP and three other professional  associations, said, “Many non-profits organizations are struggling to embed digital into their operating  models, which is impeding their ability to successfully achieve their mission in the current age.  Non profits need to invest in the right digital platform that can enable access to emerging technologies.   Today their legacy and siloed systems create a barrier to that future. Innoraise allows organizations to  continue to extract value from their highly customized Association Management Systems and use these  platforms to create a connected view of all members, speed up the vision of integrated commerce and  meet their goals.” 

According to Fidelity Charitable Giving Report, the pandemic and recent global events have spurred  philanthropic activities in 2021-22 leading to 41% increase over pre-pandemic levels. Innover has  already started empowering several prominent non-profit organizations with innovative technology  solutions to advance their cause and involve their members. A leading non-profit scientific society  collaborated with Innover to transform the experience of their members. The partnership resulted in  two-fold increase in membership rates with acquisition of over 15,000 new members within just three  months. 

About Innover 

Innover, an Atlanta-based Technology and Process Digitization Company, helps its clients become  connected, insights-driven businesses to succeed in the digital age. With delivery centers across 15  locations, our team of experts caters to a global customer base, including 65+ Fortune 1000 companies. 

Innover’s three studios namely Digital Experiences studio, Data & Insights studio and Digital Operations  studio work in tandem to make digital transformation a reality for businesses. 

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