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School Chale Hum

Here’s how your CSR funding can help the 'Prathamic Vidyalaya Ambari' provide the basic facility of desks & benches and a library supporting its students in the pursuit for education.

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Project by: Pranjal Deep

Funding Required: INR 3 Lacs

Category: Eligible CSR activity as per Companies Act 2013, Schedule VII

(ii) promoting education, including special education .. among children,

Here’s what Pranjal has to say about this project.

Schools are the breeding grounds for tomorrow's leaders. But the condition of schools and education hubs in rural and urban India highly questions the above statement. Even with the government's schemes of mid-day meals and primary education, most villages as well as urban cities lack even a single decent fully functional school having basic necessities.

One such school is the 'Prathamic Vidyalaya Ambari' which a couple of years back used to serve as grazing grounds for cattle and a resting place for vagabonds. Whatever few children that attended the school, took little interest in studies and often missed attendance. Ambari is a small Village situated in the Azamgarh district of U.P. This place has been has been famous as the birthplace of many MLAs, 5 of whom have studied in this very school.

I took a keen interest in this campaign when my uncle, who is the headmaster there told me about it. He along with some fellow teachers is struggling with his wages and strong determination to lift this school from grounds up, to make primary education an important entity for the village's children. Starting with building a wall to keep unnecessary interference away, he took step by step measures to raise the student number from 30 to 225. Till date he has spent 5 lakh of his personal income in the maintenance and betterment of the school. Today students from distant places are also studying here.

How these Funds will be used

  • Even after all the hard work done by headmaster and parents, the school still lacks basic facilities as compared to any other school.
  • It has no desks or benches for primary students. The students have to sit on floor to study. During the chilling winters of the North, this becomes highly inconvenient. We have no interest in getting into the blame game of who's responsible. All we want is that it should not hamper any student in the pursuit for education.
  • The school has no library which is essential at an early age as the habit of reading is inculcated at this age only. It has no repository of books which the students can refer to, or read apart from their academic books.
  • Cost: Total students (without desks and benches): 200. students per desk = 2, cost per desk = 1500, 1500*100= 1.5 lakh.
  • Library: Approximate cost as determined by a contractor = 1.5 lakh.
  • Our primary concern is the desks and benches. If we fall short on the amount we will utilize whatever we get in purchasing some of them for now and will pursue other means to complete the requirements later.

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