Rebuild Animal Shelter Affected By #CycloneVardah

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Rebuild Animal Shelter Affected By #CycloneVardah

Here’s how your CSR funding can help support People for Animals, Chennai rebuild itself and provide relief to the animals after the disastrous Cyclone Vardah.

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Project by: People for Animals, Chennai

Location: Chennai

Category: Eligible CSR activity as per Companies Act 2013, Schedule VII

(iv) …protection of flora and fauna, animal welfare,…

Funding required: INR 3 Lacs

Here’s what the folks at People for Animals, Chennai have to say about this project.

Dr. Shiranee Pereira is one of the most dedicated animal rights activists in our country. She has been running the People For Animals (PFA) Chennai shelter for more than 20 years now. She was the one who stopped the old dog electrocution chamber and made it an animal birth control (ABC) centre. She is responsible for the Beagles being released from laboratories where they are used for testing. They are now being released and rehomed in batches.

Dr Shiranee's shelter is home to more than 1000+ animals and it is well maintained. All the animals are rescued from some kind of human abuse. She has dedicated her entire life for the well being of animals.

PFA Chennai was hit terribly by #CycloneVardah as it was in the north most part of Chennai. The situation is terrible. Power has not been restored since 5 days now and it is a struggle to provide water to the 1000 animals inside the shelter. A temporary generator has been borrowed today (16th Dec, 2016) from kind donors for a few days due to the urgency of the situation. But a permanent generator (atleast 8 Kva) is needed to tackle such situations should they arise again. Chennai is experiencing climatic disasters frequently which affect daily life. The shelter needs funds to buy such an expensive piece of equipment and here's where you can help. Your contributions will help buy a new generator, which will keep the  shelter running during power breakdowns. Water cannot be pumped and made available to the animals when there is a stoppage in the power supply.

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The need of the hour is a skilled team that can cut / prune trees  that are leaning against the shelter walls. The walls might give way if they are not cut soon. There is already immense damage to infrastructure with shed roofs blown off from the impact of the cyclone

Urgent requirements :

1. Dry food for cats & dogs as the kitchen has been destroyed and cooking is happening in the open at the moment

2. Bread & Tetra packed milk

3. Wheat bran ( ella thavadu in Tamil ) for horses & cattle.

4. 8 kva Generator People for Animals, Chennai is a charity that runs purely on volunteer support and public donations. Your support will help go a long way. Every drop counts. Please pitch in for the 1000 plus animals here who are dependent on us for their care.

People for Animals, Chennai is a Charity that runs purely on volunteer support and public donations. Your support will help us go a long way.

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