What is NGOStory?

New Update

NGOStory is an Impact Storytelling & Consulting organisation, which aims at branding grassroot NGOs thereby helping them build credibility. We empower them by giving them the opportunity to share their inspirational journey & ongoing projects through Impact talk shows, Fundraising events, and Awards recognition platform. We also conduct knowledge-based training programs oriented towards organisational design, strategy and accelerated growth. 

Neha Chawla, the Founder & CEO of NGOStory is a corporate veteran who started this organisation addressing the challenges of the unorganised development sector. " Social Impact has always been a part of me, I combined this with storytelling as an instrument to empower the Non-profits. We are working towards creating a virtual co-working space designed to help NGOs find knowledge resources, mentorship, visibility,  networking and  funding opportunities. We want to make it easier for Non-profits to start, operate & scale. Empowering the Giving Economy is our long term vision"

After successful completion of two seasons, NGOStory is proud to announce upcoming Season 3- NGO Awards Summit-Celebrating the joy of Social Entrepreneurship together. An event to honour and recognize the humble efforts of all Nonprofits and their sheer hard work. 

For our upcoming NGO Awards Summit 2022, we have collaborated with some wonderful social organisations supporting us to reach the last mile social entrepreneur and give the opportunity to be a part of the Impact Awards. Collaboration with these partners is to ensure that we reach out to the last mile social entrepreneur for whom the Celebration of this journey matters. We have collaborated with various Outreach partners-  NSRCEL IIM Bangalore, Danamojo, The Social Town, Glific, Solutions for Nonprofits, ATMA, and Know the Social Social Sector. 

We at NGOStory have always believed in empowering the voice of NGOs. We together with our outreach partners are looking forward to co-host a wonderful Awards Summit for all Changemakers celebrating social entrepreneurship together.

What is Impact Awards?

In the Development sector, we discuss ideas, we discuss agendas, but we often fail to acknowledge the efforts of the grassroot NGOs. There is no platform to celebrate their contribution and salute their perseverance in empowering the communities at the bottom of the pyramid- which makes the Real India!

Each sector celebrates its work milestones through participation in Awards celebrating their industry. 

Impact Awards are a salute to the hard work of the organisations running one of the toughest jobs of empowering people at the bottom of the pyramid. As a social impact organization, you are not just on a mission to solve people's problems but you are also empowering the Giving economy of the country by choosing the impact sector to work on. 

NGO Awards Summit brings exciting opportunities for every grassroot NGOs and social impact leaders to connect, collaborate & grow together.

What are the Award categories?

There are Award nominations for 7 social sector categories.

  • Empowering Education
  • Empowering Specially Abled & Old age
  • Empowering Women & Girls
  • Empowering Healthcare
  • Empowering Environment
  • Empowering Livelihood
  • Empowering Rural Infrastructure & Communities

Who all can attend this event?

If you fall in any of the below category, this event is for you / your organisation-

  • Grassroot NGOs to Large Size NGOs
  • Social Entrepreneurs 
  • Incubators, Aggregators, and Impact Investors.
  • Social/Impact Consulting Firms
  • Corporate CSR Heads
  • CSR Foundation team
  • Nonprofits Leadership Team, Fundraising Team,and Project Team

When will the event be held? 

This Summit will be a hybrid event, to be conducted offline in Bangalore in March 2023 and live streamed for online engagement as well. This will be an opportunity for every Social entrepreneur to connect, collaborate and grow.

Is this just an Awards Summit? 

No. The social entrepreneurs will not just receive awards, but also grants to fuel their initiatives, CSR networking & access to knowledge driven sessions helping them in organisational growth.

What is the eligibility criteria for NGOs?

To encourage participation of every grassroot NGO, the registration process is very simple

● You should be a registered entity (either as Trust or Society or Section 8 company )

● You should have done Impact work in the last one year (last Financial year- 2021-22)

What are the benefits for NGOs through participating in the summit

● Winners will receive grant support upto INR 500,000

● Free mentoring sessions

● Awards Recognition

● Increased CSR Outreach

● Build credibility for your work

● Learn from the Industry experts

● Each NGO will receive participation certificate

A Non-profit can nominate their organisation for a maximum of 3 nomination categories.


Registration Link- link.edzola.com/bcz


Reach out to us at info@ngostories.in or whatsapp at +91 80959 73363 for more details.

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