Philips India Provides over 400 Air Purifiers Through HelpAge India to Old Age Homes Across Different Locations in India

Philips India associated with HelpAge India to install its Air Purifiers in old age homes across the country

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Philips India Provides over 400 Air Purifiers Through HelpAge India to Old Age Homes Across Different Locations in India

Philips India Limited a subsidiary of Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, today announced the company’s association with HelpAge India to install over 400 units of its bestselling Air Purifiers in old age homes in 7 cities across India including Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

Representing a positive step forward in improving the indoor air quality, Philips air purifiers will be installed in more than 40 old age homes and will enable more than 2300 elderly residents to combat allergies and respiratory problems by providing clean and healthy air. The problem of polluted air in winters is a challenge, especially for the elderly, who are prone to respiratory illness, which gets aggravated with deteriorating air quality. Philips India appreciates the role these old age homes play in taking care of the elderly residents, who are more vulnerable to diseases and age-related illness. These centers are doing their best in providing them the care and attention they deserve. It is a very proud moment for Philips India to associate with the cause and be able to contribute towards the welfare of the residents of these old age homes who are the appropriate beneficiaries for this support. Often the toxic mix of air pollutants including viruses, germs, bacteria, and allergens pose a health risk that can lead to short and long-term respiratory problems especially the elderly and people with low immunity. Philips air purifiers can assist in improving the cleanliness of air by helping eliminate indoor air contaminants. This contribution is Philips way of showcasing care to those who spend most of their time indoors especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and onset of the cold weather. Sharing his thoughts on this association, Gulbahar Taurani, Vice President, Personal Health, Philips Indian Subcontinent, said, “As a responsible company, we understand that to improve the lives and well-being of our fellow citizens, we need to go above and beyond our innovative solutions and make them accessible to consumers and the underserved communities in need. Particularly vulnerable are the elderly who often suffer from weaker immune systems and can possibly face the adverse effects of air pollution on their health. We are proud to join hands with HelpAge India as they continue their exemplary work in helping and caring for the elderly communities in India in these unprecedented times.” “Old age homes across India require support during these challenging times. They are a home away from home, for elders who have nowhere else to go and have virtually no support system. As part of HelpAge India’s initiative to reach out to old age homes and elder residents, with supplies, ration and other healthcare and age care support, we are happy to facilitate this donation by Phillips India,” says Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed, Mission Head – Agecare, HelpAge India. Philips today is stepping up to shape a better world as a leader in health technology and is committed to improving people’s lives through meaningful innovative solutions that can empower its consumers to take charge of their health and allow them to build a healthier future.

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