Panels To Track CSR Support For Student Sports

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Sports To Receive Further Boost From CSR

(Image credit: Uflex Ltd - STAIRS School Football League 2015 Girls' Matches at Grassroots camps)

MUMBAI (November 2016): The state education department has formed a policy to streamline & monitor corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts to ensure that companies supporting student sports at school level follow guidelines.

The government, as part of the policy, has suggested that companies, as part of their CSR, can provide updated equipment in sports complexes, maintain sports complexes, adopt up-and-coming sportspersons or teams, provide sports-related medical facilities and insurance cover, facilitate training in and outside the country, etc.

Though companies can also select activities beyond those suggested in the policy, the government has set up three steering committees — at state, commiserate and district levels — to facilitate, coordinate and monitor the corporates' support for sports activities. These panels will plan and manage CSR activities and ensure they are functioning as per the proposed plans, time-lines and projected outcome.
A government resolution recently issued in this regard says, "In Maharashtra, various companies are taking up activities as part of their social responsibility. It was then necessary to have a framework in order to streamline these projects. The government of Maharashtra has addressed this issue and declared a tripartite structure to coordinate the activities in the school education sector." The policy also states that irrespective of the CSR, no land or any other assets will be transferred to any company supporting sports activities.