Oil And Refineries Sector Biggest CSR Spenders In Gujarat

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Oil And Refineries Sector Biggest CSR Spenders In Gujarat

Ahmedabad (February 16, 2017): Gujarat CSR outlook Report-2017 was launched by Bhomik Shah, the CEO of NGOBOX at the ‘Gujarat CSR Meetup’ which was organised by NGOBOX in partnership with SchoolsLENS at Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA). The report highlighted the CSR projects and programmes of FY 2015-16 in Gujarat with a detailed analysis of CSR spend, thematic spend and implementing models. It also showcased a few case studies of flagship CSR projects in Gujarat.

“Out of the 160 companies included in the study, 17 were PSUs. The total CSR spend by these (160) companies in Gujarat alone is INR 375.66 Cr. As per the national study done by NGOBOX, Gujarat get 5.2% of total CSR spend of India. The major share in the total CSR spend came from Oil, drilling & refinery and Engineering sectors. Pharmaceuticals did not lag much behind”, reported NGOBOX.

Amongst corporates, Reliance Industries Ltd. made the highest contribution of INR 24.58 Cr towards its various CSR initiatives in Gujarat, followed by Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone, which spent INR 23.46 Cr in total.

The report also showcased the top 3 companies in each sectors, according to their CSR spend in Gujarat. The favourite Theme of the CSRs was found to be education and skilling followed by Poverty Alleviation, Healthcare and WASH.

Bhomik Shah, CEO, NGOBOX said, ‘Companies are focusing on traditional areas of community welfare like healthcare and education, we see a lot of scope for companies to work on rural development and taking a holistic approach to transform villages into smart villages. Gujarat’s good infrastructure provides good landscape for innovations in CSR which is currently lacking. There is hardly any project to incubate start-up in partnerships with technology institutions’.

You can view the full report here.