Let's Paint - For A Change

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Let's Paint - For A Change

Here’s how your CSR Funding can help keep Mumbai city's walls clean, beautiful and also help raise awareness on  important social issues.

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Project by: Project MAD

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Here's what the folks at Project MAD have to say about what they do and why they need your support:

We are Project MAD - a student-run social initiative, which aims to keep the city's walls clean by painting them artistically with the help of college students as artists. In the process of creating these murals and doodles, we are also raising awareness on social issues that often remain ignored.

We solely believe that art should not just be for the sake of art but should be used as a medium for social change. And with Project MAD, we aim to:

  1. Make art accessible to the public by painting murals in public spaces
  2. Make the city's authorities more open to citizen-driven-initiatives, with our past experience of working with the BMC.
  3. Generate awareness through our artwork. We do this through the exposure the artists involved get with the causes we work for, and the publicity a public work of art creates about the cause.

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We have worked with a homeless shelter for women, a municipal school, and a few railway stations in the past. Our causes have ranged from the empowerment of women, creating AIDS awareness through a series of collaborations with the government's District AIDS Control Society, and portraying feminism for children in the municipal school.

This campaign aims to generate Rs. 50, 000 for purchasing art supplies for our upcoming projects. Our core team and the 250 artists we have involved so far, work for free. Through this campaign, you can help us buy paints, brushes and art supplies for our future projects, and help bring smiles to so many faces.

Project MAD passionately believes in this school of thought. Thus, by contributing towards our effort you shall be helping us ensure that the heavily abused construction of Mumbai gets some respite and the citizens of Mumbai have more sanitary surroundings, one wall at a time.

Some of out Upcoming Projects include:

  1. AIDS through ART, Phase 3: Mumbai Districts AIDS Control Society (MDACS) is a public health administration center and Project MAD is collaborating with them to spread awareness about the transmission and prevention of AIDS, to provide public access to information about safe sex, to combat sexual prejudice through art and messages in Hindi and Marathi. The project is an ongoing one, with Project MAD painting 250 ft. in multiple phases.

On the 20th of May, this event will be the third leg of our attempt to create artwork that appeals, instructs and educates both, the public and the artists.

Project MAD 12. The Deaf and Mute Institute: This project is in collaboration with the oldest Deaf and Mute School in India, where we teach their students art, in exchange for sign language classes, resulting in a wall mural at the end of a two-month learning exchange program. For this we require funding for art materials.

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