KFC India Launches 'add HOPE' Initiative To Fight Hunger

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KFC India Launches 'add HOPE' Initiative To Fight Hunger

KFC India recently launched add HOPE™ – an initiative to fight hunger in the country, at an event in Hyderabad on Wednesday, 11 May. To help contribute towards fighting hunger in India, Blink Digital added another leg to KFC’s add HOPE™ with the ‘Plate of Hope’ digital campaign. As part of the campaign Consumers can contribute through an interactive online session at www.plateofhope.in. For every plate created on the website, KFC will feed a hungry child.

KFC is committed to supporting the hunger initiative and this may mark the start of many to follow in India. These statistics (see infograph at the bottom of the page) are of concern and we request people to spare their time to make a change! We are quite pleased with the way Blink Digital has created a simple yet call to action website that integrates what we stand for and for what they can do!said KFC Chief Marketing Officer Lluis Ruiz Ribot.

Speaking about the campaign, Dooj Ramchandani, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Blink Digital, said, “KFC has been a great client to not only work with but also a partner who understands and is willing to push the envelope with constructive action and thought. We wanted to make a difference…be bold and marry the brand ethos to actual consumer action. The entire initiative is very simple for a smartphone or desktop user to contribute to. We do hope people share this and create their own Plate of Hope for a better tomorrow in India!”

KFC's add HOPE™ aims at creating awareness and raising funds to provide meals to India’s underprivileged children through World Food Program (WFP), Akshaya Patra Foundation and India FoodBanking Network (IFBN). Together with these organizations, KFC aims to provide 20 million meals to underprivileged children by 2020.

KFC infographic