Join the Super Sniffer Squad!

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Join the Super Sniffer Squad!

Here’s how your CSR Funding can augment the army of sniffer dogs who have been combatting wildlife crime by helping collect concrete evidence against poachers and smugglers and keeping India’s forests poacher-free!

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Project by: WWF India

Funding Required: INR 18,00,000

Here’s what the folks at WWF India have to say about this Project:

These dogs are no ordinary German shepherds - they’re crime-fighting superheroes using their noses and training to sniff out poachers and illegal wildlife products like tiger and leopard skins and bones, elephant tusks and more! They’ve proved their skill and dedication to the cause many times and have even been awarded - but now they need your support.

Super Sniffers The Super Sniffers are a band of specially trained dogs, who with their handlers and the forest department, have been combatting wildlife crime by helping collect concrete evidence against poachers and smugglers. They are either German shepherds or Belgian malinois.

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Meet Super Sniffer Rana, a two and a half-year-old male german shepherd. He’s responsible for the protection of the precious Bandipur tiger reserve. In his first task on the job, he successfully sniffed out a group of teakwood smugglers from the reserve. Since then there has been no looking back. Rana has even sniffed out a man-eating tiger in the Nilgiris and a leopard hiding in the premises of the Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Ltd (VISL) in Bhadravathi. And as his trainers proudly say, Rana ‘has just begun’.

We want to train more sniffer dogs like Rana, so that they too can become a part of the Super Sniffer Squad and can keep India’s forests poacher-free.

Here’s the tale of another superstar, Peter, who with his advanced sniffing skills helped the forest department of Goregaon Maharashtra gather evidence against bear poachers  and was instrumental in the arrest of these criminals. Like Rana and Peter, there are many more who have not only won awards for themselves, but have saved the lives of  several animals.

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There are 27 trained Super Sniffers that have been deployed in India, with another 16 under training. Given that more than half the world’s tigers, elephants and asian rhinos are found in India, we need a lot more of these superheroes to protect our wildlife.

Now we need your help in building the country’s smartest sniffer dog squad to protect India’s wildlife - support the Super Sniffers!

Here’s how much it costs to train a german shepherd to become a Super Sniffer:

Rs. 3,10,000 (approx) is the cost to train each dog, including purchase costs, dog and handler training fees, mess charges for the squad, uniforms, dog accessories, field kits, medicines, honorarium for dog handlers and other expenses in the sniffer dog programme. Rs. 6,00,000 (approx) is needed for a refresher course for 11 of the 27 dogs deployed in the force since the year 2008.

Even though we need a total of Rs. 43 lakhs to start the training of a batch of 12 dogs and conduct the refresher course for 11 dogs of the previous batches, a minimum of Rs. 18 lakhs is needed to begin the training in the next phase from November 2016.

A retirement plan for super sniffers is also being developed and initiated by TRAFFIC and other stakeholders.

We understand not everyone can contribute, but you can help us in other ways:

  • Tell a friend, share our campaign, make some noise! Everything helps.
  • Start your own support campaign to raise funds for us offline - sponsor a bike ride, run or walk with your friends, church community, school, work colleagues, gym friends, scouts or girl guide groups, choir, stamp club, book club. Anyone can chip in to watch this phenomenal effort take flight.
  • Tweet the link: and use #SuperSnifferSquad to show your support.
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