India’s Renewable Energy Mission 2022 - POWERCON

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India’s Renewable Energy Mission 2022 - POWERCON

In the early 1960s, as some of you will nostalgically remember, a gentleman named Bob Dylan wrote the iconic song ‘The answer, is blowin’ in the wind.’ Today as we march into the next decade of the 21st century, this iconic verse of Dylan seems to have come back to life because India, quite literally is looking for its answers in the wind. Our national target by 2022, is to produce around 175 gigawatts from renewable energy, out of which a significant target of 60 gigawatts is set for wind energy production. For any layman, the simple solution to achieve this goal of producing the desired output of power would be to set up more wind power plants. But is it a smarter solution? Because setting up a new wind power plant means flooding in more investments, allocating large areas of land and spending a great deal of allied resources. 5 years ago, the entire wind power industry in India looked at achieving this target with the said simple solution. But thankfully, there was a set of people, a small team who was willing to dig deeper for a smarter, better and a more cost-effective solution. This group looked at not just the end-result that was desired but also looked at the everyday processes, the minute details, the technology and science from a value stand-point and in doing so have changed the landscape of renewable production energy industry in India significantly. What started as India’s first Renewable Energy Asset Management Company, POWERCON Ventures India Pvt Ltd has in the last five years come up as an unique 360-degree Independent Service Provider for Renewable Energy assets with varied makes, models, capacities & technologies. Year after year, they have scaled new heights bringing in greater transparency, faster response rates and providing their clients with the best output in their history, who have seen a rise by as much as 10 to 15 percent as a result of their partnership with POWERCON. Today they have a physical presence across 7 states in the country and remote governance across 21 countries from their state-of-the-art Asset Management Studio in Pune.

To honour their contribution in the field of renewable energy production, POWERCON has recently been awarded as the Independent Service Provider of the Demi-Decade : 2016-2020 at the prestigious RE Assets 2020 forum in New Delhi. What’s next for POWERCON? We asked Mr. Praveen Kakulte, CEO of the Power Group, to which he replied with utmost clarity, “Our final delivery will always be ‘Electricity at an affordable rate’, so we are organised to optimize energy production, to enhance asset life and to lower the cost of generation; resulting in ‘increased units of Energy generation per megawatt of installed Power’, over entire lifetime of the assets.” Picking up from the case, if policy efforts were to be newly oriented for optimisation, then with a productivity gain of 10% from the same assets, India would prevent 10% of investment in new installations without scarifying on overall electricity yield. It would mean preventing a spend of INR 36000 Crores on the 6 of 60 Gigawatts which can better serve the much needed avenues like nutrition, health and education! publive-image Source: New feed