India CSR Summit 2015, 7-8 Oct, Bangalore

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India CSR Summit 2015, 7-8 Oct, Bangalore

What: India CSR Summit 2015

When: 7-8 October 2015

Where: Park Plaza, Bangalore

Why: The summit is a national level event on CSR that can provide more opportunities for networking, more exciting discussions and learning on CSR strategies and partnerships and present high impact projects in different areas underlined in the Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013. Additionally, it is also important to understand, analyze and evaluate the first year of the mandatory CSR provisions’ outcomes at the ground-level. Highlights of the event include:

  • India CSR Outlook (A special session presenting where and how CSR money was spent in 2014-15. Which Sectors, Which Districts and Who are the preferred partners)
  • Panel Sessions
  • Side Events (Swachh Bharat through CSR)
  • Networking for partnerships (Exclusive hang-out sessions with thematic selection
  • CSR Project Exchange (Business-NGO interaction, facilitated by IICA )
  • IICA-NGO CSR Good Practice Recognition)
  • 2nd CSR Impact Awards 2015

Organized by: NGOBOX

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