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Here’s how your CSR funding can help child waste pickers and the children working in this unorganized sector receive basic formal & informal education and skills and make them capable of joining main stream schools to cope with the learning process in the school.

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Project by: Vardhishnu - Social Research & Development Society Funding Required: INR 50,000 Here’s what folks at Vardhishnu have to say about this project.

Anandghar (House of Joy)

Idea: The idea is to provide basic formal & informal education and skills to child waste pickers as well as out-of-school children and make them capable of joining main stream schools to cope with the learning process in the school. It is achieved through Informal Learning Center which will act as a bridge between the children who had never went to school or those who dropped out of schools and the main stream schools. Activities and programmes are designed carefully to make the expected impact (explained below).

Objectives: Through this endeavor, child waste pickers and the children working in this unorganized sector will be benefitted in following ways:

  • These children will be able to read, write and speak Marathi fluently with confidence and they will understand basic Hindi and English and will be able to solve basic mathematics.
  • They will enroll and sustain in main stream schools.
  • They will quit their waste picking profession.
  • They will adopt and create more clean and hygienic environment around them
  • They will understand the perils of addiction and leave/break the bad habits
Current Status: The project was started on 2nd January 2014 in Tambapura area of Jalgaon. As of today, 35 children between age 6 and 16 attend the center regularly. These are either waste pickers or the children whose parents work as waste pickers or in unorganized sector. Earlier some of these children used to attend day schools while others are either school dropouts or never went to a school. However the scholastic level of children going to school and those who never went to school was not any different. Most of them did not know how to read or write and those who did, had very poor handwriting and much poorer grammatical constructs. Currently, 27 out of 35 children are going to main schools regularly. We have succeeded in sustaining all of them in the schools. Their scholastic level has also increased. This year we enrolled 16 children into main stream school. All of them used to work as waste pickers. Now as they all have started going into the schools, they have left waste picking profession. We are coordinating with school teacher and parents to make sure that transition of these children from out-of-school to going into school will be easy.
Need of Projector & Printer:
We have laptop to show some movie, songs, drama to children to help them in learning process. But the screen size is not big enough to let all the children watch the video at the same time. We also conduct teachers' training Programmes to make the process of learning more happier and child-centric. Not all the schools have projectors and we have to rent the projector. The cost of renting a projector is not at affordable for an organisation.
We record the data of children at every phase. Printing the test-papers, stories, exercise material from outside is very costly and time consuming as we have to leave the office every time and to go to shop for prints.
How the money will be used:
1. Cost of Projector is Rs. 28000/- approx.
2. Cost of Printer is Rs. 22000/- approx.

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