ihearU - Help Preeksha Hear Soon

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ihearU - Help Preeksha Hear Soon

Here’s how your CSR Funding can support Preeksha who is due for a cochlear implant surgery and requires assistance as she cannot afford the cost of the surgery.

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Project by: Meher Kaur

Funding Required: INR 2 Lacs

Here’s what Meher has to say about this Project:

The psychological impact of hearing disability on a child is profound due to lack of communication creating frustration, anger and anxiety.

I Hear You is a campaign that is close to my heart, and aims to fund and create awareness about cochlear implant surgeries; it's acceptance as an integral worn accessory by sensitising others. It is a platform created to connect humanity and the art of giving. We attempt to bring to you real life issues and show you how we can together bring a change. We will share stories of Children in need of cochlear implant surgeries who cannot afford the same.

The Bionic Ear (cochlear) an advancement in scientific technology can completely cure profound deafness and restore hearing. Provided there is early detection and intervention. It is imperative that the cochlear implant surgery is performed on younger children as the results and response to speech therapy (an integral part for learning speech) is much better thus bringing them totally into the mainstream. After a certain age the surgery is ineffective and so not performed. The surgery for an implant, though simple, is expensive with the cost of a cochlear implant being almost 5-6 lakhs.

We appeal to you to support Preeksha who is due for a cochlear implant surgery and requires assistance as she cannot afford the cost of the surgery but with your help will soon hear her first sound and also speak. For her surgery, we are looking to raise part of the amount, of Rs. 2 lakhs, She turns 3 years old in September, and is at the right stage for surgery. Preeksha is shy, sweet natured and playful. She loves to play with her mother's 'duppata' and your support sure will give her a brighter future.

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