Feed A Child With Feedsomeone

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Feed A Child With Feedsomeone

Here’s how your CSR initiative can help feed 20,000 students & build technology that will feed millions of children, everyday via a 100% transparent, mobile first, charity app.

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Project by: Helpsomeone Foundation Funding Required: INR 500,000 Category: Eligible CSR activity as per Companies Act 2013, Schedule VII
(i) eradicating hunger, poverty and malnutrition,...

Here's what the folks at Helpsomeone Foundation have to say about this project:

Building a 100% transparent charity, using photos.

India's future depends on its food crisis today. Unless children are fed, they will not go to school & they will not build their future. Their future, is our future. While many charities work on this, a donor doesn't 'see' the impact he's had & therefore they don't donate as much.

We need a product where people can donate easily & immediately 'see' the impact that they've had. Feedsomeone is that product. Feedsomeone is a mobile first, 100% transparent charity. When you donate , we will feed a child & send his/her photo to you via email or notification. All this, within hours. You can see who was fed, what, where & when. When people get these photos, they donate again on a regular basis, and also share these photos with others to inspire them. If we can connect 22 crore smartphone users to 20 crore hungry people, we can solve India's hunger problem. Thats our million. 1 million meals per day. Also, because we use facial recognition, geo-tagging & other technologies, our administration costs are extremely low, unlike traditional charities. publive-imageUse of funds & Impact

We feed children in slums & in non-govt charity schools, where there is no 'mid-day meal' support. Currently our group work with 40 schools, and feed 8000 children everyday. By doing this, we feed a child, and also help with his education. (70% of a school's cost, is food)

40% of the fundraise would go towards feeding underprivileged students. 60% would go towards building the technology. By donating to this campaign, you will feed 20,000 students and build technology that will feed millions of children everyday.

Feedsomeone's app is already live on android & ios. You can download it from www.feedsomeone.in to see the experience. However, we need more investment on the technology to make it scalable & shareable.

  • Your contribution will not only feed a hungry child, but also go towards building a product that will enable millions of others to feed millions of poor people.
  • Your contribution towards the success of feedsomeone, will enable us to launch more products for education, health & clothing.
  • Thousands of school employees will get employment & millions of poor students will be benefitted through feedsomeone. It starts with your contribution today.
  • For every 50 rupees you donate, we will feed a child, and share his/her photo with you.

Preventing fraud at zero cost

To ensure zero fraud, we take multiple measures. 1) Food is distributed through associated schools & our own 'Feedcarts', which are stationed at the slums, & clearly mention that food is free 2) We use facial recognition & geo-tagging to ensure that the same child is not photographed multiple times, or that photos are not taken at any other place.

Team We have a great team that works for free, tirelessly pursing a dream to feed 1 million children, everyday.

Danish Ahmed - CoFounder Serial entrepreneur & Vice President at Paytm. Danish founded Bigshoebazaar, Yebhi.com & Shopsity and currently serves as Vice President at Paytm.

Nivedan Sahni - CEO Social entrepreneur. 30 years experience. ex Vice President, Bharti Airtel. Nivedan has been associated with various charities & causes since the last 2 decades.

Kuldeep Nar - COO Social entrepreneur. 20 years experience. Cofounder Responsenet Kuldeep has been at the forefront of CSR and emergency ops since the last 20 years. He has extensive experience in audits, control & delivery.

Deepak Abbot - Advisor Senior Vice President, Paytm

Ashok Pundit - Advisor CTO, Amar Ujala Web Services

Tarun Malik - Advisor CEO, Takshila

Ahmed Hushsham - Advisor Business Head - Paytm

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