CII Webinar on Poverty, Climate Change & Affirmative Action, May 4

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CII Webinar on Poverty, Climate Change & Affirmative Action, May 4

What: CII Webinar on Poverty, Climate Change & Affirmative Action

When: May 4th, 2016, 1100 Hrs – 1300 hrs, IST 

Why: Eradication of poverty has been the major focus of the UN member countries from past three decades. Despite significant efforts, a large segment of the world population still lives below the UN poverty line of $1.25 per day. One major threat to the efforts of poverty eradication is the growing concerns of global warming. Already the consequences of climate change can be seen with unpredictable weather changes, insufficient rains, severe droughts and the fast melting galciers. India is probably facing the worst water crisis in its history after two successive years of less monsoons. Marathawada in Maharashtra, North Karnataka and parts of Telangana are living at the mercy of the state and central government with no water left to drink or irrigate. Dams in Marathwada has only 3% water left in them. This water crisis is affecting not only the people and economy but also livestock and cattle which are valuable assets for the poor farmers. Understanding the gravity of the situation it can be said that India needs to focus not only on mitigating risks of climate change but also ensure development of opportunities to reduce vulnerability of the poor.

It is an established fact that the historically marginalised are majorly the one entangled in the circle of poverty and the most vulnerable to climate change. In India, many marginalised communities are facing the heat which in return is pushing them towards extreme poverty and suicides. The webinar will highlight the need of addressing poverty and climate change by promoting affirmative action. Understanding the role of corporations in mitigating the risks of climate change and promotion of affirmative action, the webinar will suggests models of development which can be replicated to strengthen the marginalised communities.

Webinar Objectives

  • Understanding the alignment between poverty eradication and climate change
  • Highlight the role of affirmative action to address concerns of the marginalised
  • Exploring options of engagment for the Private sector
  • Understanding how to eradicate poverty, mitigate climate change risks and incorporate affirmative action

Key Takeaways

  • Insights on Climate Change, Poverty and Affirmative Action
  • Information on CSR and Sustainability initiatives
  • Understanding the methods to maximise the positive impact

Target Audience

  • CEO's, COO's, Heads of PSUs, Heads of organisations, HR Heads, CSR Heads, Heads of Educational institutions, NGOs

Mentor of the Webinar

Mr. Soumitro Chakraborty – CEO, Fiinovation

Motivated by the need to bring about constructive and meaningful social change, Soumitro Chakraborty, created a niche in the CSR and Sustainability industry and established Fiinovation in 2008. He has strategized and implemented CSR and Sustainability programs across India in partnership with various corporations and NGOs working in the field of health, environment, education and livelihood. He is also a visiting faculty to some institutions like the Institute of Directors for 'Sustainability - Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility'. He has participated at various events as a panelist, speaker, jury and moderator, and has also contributed his views on CSR & Sustainability in numerous publications.

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