Carrier And United Way Of Delhi Launch Project Pehal 2.0

Pehal 2.0 will reach 10,000 families in and around Chakkarpur Village in Gurgaon with focus on healthcare and skill development. Healthcare provider Medanta supports the initiative with health-related services

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Carrier And United Way Of Delhi Launch Project Pehal 2.0

Launch of Pehal 2.0, a community development initiative by Carrier India

Gurgaon (May 2, 2016): Carrier Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd. along with United Way of Delhi, today launched the second phase of the community development initiative, Project Pehal. Known as Pehal 2.0, the program expands the scope of the original initiative, and covers Chakkarpur Village and surrounding areas to deliver health and skills development services to 10,000 families. Carrier, which operates in India as Carrier Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd., is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX). 

Pehal 2.0 is designed to build on the achievements of Project Pehal, with a focus on taking health initiatives to the next level. This includes supporting the creation of a fully operational Primary Health Centre offering medical consultations, basic diagnostics and medicine dispensing, as well as referral arrangements with government and private hospitals. The program will also help develop and implement a sustainable model for urban healthcare delivery to be scaled up in other parts of Gurgaon and beyond. Community members can register for various health programs and their electronic health and medical records will be maintained.

Healthcare provider Medanta has also extended its support to Pehal 2.0 by offering its range of health-related services to the project, including patient awareness and education programs and diagnostic testing.

In addition to health initiatives, the program will also introduce a skills development service to enhance the livelihood and social security for these 10,000 families. Pehal 2.0’s development initiatives will enable 400 youth from families in disadvantaged communities in and around Chakkarpur to secure skills and vocational training and job placement support.

“United Technologies has always been committed to enhancing the well-being of the communities it operates in and hence in 2013, Project Pehal was launched strengthening that very commitment. Three years on, Carrier honors the same commitment by launching Project Pehal 2.0 with an aim to develop even stronger and more sustainable communities,” said Arun Bhatia, managing director, UTC Climate, Controls & Security, India. “Pehal 2.0 strives to take the achievements of Project Pehal to greater heights in the field of healthcare and skills development through the creation and implementation of a sustainable model for urban healthcare and increased economic participation.”

He further added, “We are committed to building the capacity in this community through proactive interventions and engagements to enable them to become active partners in progress. We measure success of the business with same set of operational and environmental metrics that promote well-being, growth and vitality in local communities.”

“We are excited to work with Carrier and UTC on this award-winning community development project. As a pioneer in the healthcare industry, Medanta takes a lot of pride in delivering world-class, affordable medical services to those in need. Our joining hands on Pehal 2.0 is a natural extension of our corporate social responsibility philosophy and we are confident this project will make a long-term impact in the Chakkarpur community,” said Pankaj Sahni, chief operating officer, Medanta Medicity. 

Since its launch, Pehal has provided all-round support for over 2,000 families of migrant labourers living in makeshift houses in Gurgaon, through sustained interventions to improve their education, healthcare and habitat, with active participation of employee volunteers of UTC business units in India.