Business Innovation & CSR Masterclass, 31 Jan-2 Feb 2016, Dubai

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Business Innovation & CSR Masterclass, 31 Jan-2 Feb 2016, Dubai

What: Business Innovation & CSR Masterclass

Where: Radisson Blu, Dubai

When: 31 Jan - 2 Feb, 2016

Why: Led by Prof. Wayne Dunn (President & Founder of the CSR Training Institute and Professor of Practice in CSR at McGill) and produced by 360 International the Training Session brings together business leaders and practitioners from around the world, presenting an opportunity to prepare yourself and your organization for 2016 and beyond. The sessions integrate corporate specific strategy and training in a way that facilitates practical implementation across the organization while simultaneously breaking down internal barriers and developing internal business cases and allies. Participants will be exposed to leading business innovation theories and practices around shareholder value and social impact, all designed to facilitate practical application in their companies and workplaces. 

WAYNE DUNN’s well-rounded program is a pragmatic blend of theory and practice, providing participants with the tools to make a difference and the knowledge and understanding to know how to use them. Through lectures, case studies, group-work, role-playing and innovative interaction the session will engage, stimulate, challenge and transform.


Organized by: CSR Training Institute

For registration, visit here.