Aeris Launches Corporate Social Responsibility Practice in India

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Aeris Launches Corporate Social Responsibility Practice in India


NEW DELHI (May 23, 2016): Aeris recently announced the launch of an India-based Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practice. With this initiative Aeris aligns with its commitment to utilise IoT technologies to improve the lives of those most in need and to foster better utilization of the planet’s scarce resources. The Aeris CSR initiative was launched at the Shastri Bhawan in New Delhi.

Aeris collaborates with several non-profit organizations around the world and makes available to them IoT connectivity service and tools to communicate and analyse data. Aeris is currently working with several social impact companies such as Nexleaf, SweetSense and other international NGOs.

Aeris will source or develop and then help its social sector customers implement a fully-operational, tested and optimized IoT solution, incorporating hardware devices, application-customized software and connectivity.

Harry Plant, vice president, social sector, Aeris said “Aeris is uniquely positioned to help non-profits with our IoT technologies that include a purpose-built network, a fully-featured application development platform and analytics tools tailored to an IoT environment to provide a better-connected solution across multiple carriers and multiple technologies. We are pleased to bring Aeris’ expertise and global IoT experience with lessons learned and best practices evolved to combat the social challenges around the world and adapt them for India as one size does not fit all.”

Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar, president, Aeris India added “The timing is perfect for the launch of our Corporate Social Responsibility in India as there is a lot of political willingness to use technology with Digital India and Skill India missions and a commitment to invest USD 15 billion in the IoT technology to improve the lives of citizens over the next five years. Aeris is proud to have a deeper level of commitment and delighted to work for social elevation along with the government, social entrepreneurs and national as well as international non-governmental organizations in some of the most critical sectors and regions in our country.”

“Through this initiative, Aeris will provide relevant technology as we believe in using it as an enabler to enhance the reach, coverage, monitoring of progress and predictive planning for the programmes launched and supported by the Government of India and NGOs. We are actively working towards helping build an ecosystem of like-minded technology companies with complementary, industry-leading capabilities which can deliver the kinds of solutions that will help NGOs achieve greater impact.”