A Tree Plantation Drive, With A Difference!

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A Tree Plantation Drive, With A Difference!

With an objective to contribute in preserving and promoting the Environment, Kishore Musale Charitable Trust (KMCT) recently conducted a tree plantation and conservation drive in which 1800 tree saplings were planted in association with 20 Zila Parishad Schools in Palghar and Thane districts. KMCT has been working as an implementation partner for the ASTARC GROUPS Corporate Social Responsibility towards Educational, Health Care, Environment, Socio - Cultural, Self Reliance upliftment of the rural people - especially Adivasi communities for their overall well-being and self-development.

The plantation drive stands apart with its focus on sustaining the plants; to ensure this a metal tree guard is provided for plants. At the same time, to foster a culture of responsibility towards Nature among students, in every school where the trees were planted, two students adopted one tree for conservation. They will take care of it during their stay in school and pass the responsibility to new students when they leave school. Villagers and local Gram Panchayat also participated actively in the event and contributed by pit diggings. All have assured more than 80% survival rate of plated trees.

The Event was attended by students, teachers, Gramsevak, local MLA, Government officials, Astarc group volunteers along with the CSR team.