12 eToilets Opened In Navi Mumbai By Reliance Foundation

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12 eToilets Opened In Navi Mumbai By Reliance Foundation

Navi Mumbai (January 8, 2017): 12 eToilets have been opened in various parts of Navi Mumbai for the public usage as part of the CSR initiative of Reliance Foundation. The fully automatic, electronically operated eToilets, manufactured by Trivandrum-based Eram Scientific, incorporate full-cycle approach in sustainable sanitation by integrating convergence of electronics, mechanical, web-mobile technologies thereby controlling entry, usage, cleaning, exit, and remote monitoring capabilities. The insertion of a coin opens the door of the eToilet for the user, switches on a light—thus saving energy—and even directs the person with audio commands. The toilets are programmed to flush 1.5 liters of water after three minutes of usage or 4.5 liters if usage is longer. It can also be programmed to clean the platform with a complete wash down after every 5 or 10 persons use the toilet. 

All eToilets are remotely monitored over a GPRS network. The health status of eToilets can be accessed over a web or mobile interface by  the authorities, which ensures transparency and accountability of operations. eToilet mobile app helps to locate the nearest eToilets in the city and  give feedback about eToilets. Eram Scientific has now installed over 2000 eToilets across 21 States and have won over 43 awards and recognition.

The ‘smart she’ eToilet is exclusively tailor made for women with a separate rest room attached to the toilet. The rest room is equipped with chair, wash basin, mirror, and facilities for baby feeding, diaper changing, etc.

"The She toilet at Vashi bus depot will be a great relief to women, especially for those mothers. The rest room provides all amenities for feeding, etc. People are hailing our initiative and we are happy to do our part in making Navi Mumbai open defecation-free. We are glad to be at the forefront of the Swachh Bharat initiative" said Ankush Chavan, Additional Commissioner, Navi  Mumbai  Municipal Corporation.

Ten of the 12 eToilets installed previously in various parts of Navi Mumbai have received positive feedback from the public with an average of 80  to hundred footfalls on a given day.

“We are indeed glad to make positive contributions in the ambitious Swachh Bharat campaign. Eram’s intelligent and smart solutions can give a leg-up to the ongoing drive to make our country open defecation-free. Women are the worst victims of the lack of proper toilet facilities in public places. In keeping with this reality we came up with ‘smart she’ toilets for women. We are thankful to Reliance and the Navi Mumbai Corporation authorities and are eager to team up with corporates and other municipal corporations in future,” said  Dr. Siddeek Ahmed, Chairman  & Managing Director Eram Group, in a statement given from Dubai.

Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla, Navi Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe and music composer Shankar Mahadevan paid a visit to the newly built automatic eToilet for women with rest room at the Vashi bus depot on Sunday.