Time Doctor-Redington Partnership Brings World-Class Software For Remote work to Indian Market

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Time Doctor-Redington Partnership Brings World-Class Software For Remote work to Indian Market

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Time Doctor, a global leader in time tracking and productivity software, recently announced its partnership with Redington, the largest IT software and products distributor in India, to bring to market its world-class time tracking and productivity solution suitable for mid-market and enterprise businesses. 

Time Doctor is excited to expand its reach into new markets via Redington's distribution and supply chain solution with over 200+ international brands in IT, Telecom, Mobility spaces, AI, Robotics, Data and Analytics. As a global leader in workforce productivity software, Time Doctor's real-time insights provide both high level and granular data into where and how time is spent in a company. This information allows companies to monitor and encourage employee productivity, and to make both HR and time allocation decisions with confidence.

This collaboration between Time Doctor and Redington favors the mission of making remote work a global reality. Remote work helps innovative companies:

  • To be more competitive in global markets and source the best talent
  •  Streamline operations, increase profitability and ROI.

Partnering with Redington, Time Doctor will offer world-class work and productivity software at scale. CEO Rob Rawson stated, "Time Doctor is excited to partner with Redington to extend our mission of remote work productivity into the India market. Virtual work helps companies and businesses to be more competitive in global markets, source the best talent, streamline operations and increase profitability and ROI, and also benefit employees with time flexibility and work-life balance."

R. Venkatesh, Executive Vice President, Redington, said, "At Redington, it is our endeavour to provide best-in-class solutions to our customers. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to represent Time Doctor. This collaboration brings across in Indian market place the best software product and solution which enhance employee productivity, beneficial in any remote working circumstances."

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