PVR Announces Crowdsourced Film Campaign - #OuchTheCouch

PVR is the largest and the most premium film exhibition company in India. Since its inception in 1997, the brand has redefined the way entertainment is perceived in the country. PVR currently operates a cinema circuit comprising of 845 screens at 176 properties in 71 cities (India and Sri Lanka), serving over 100 million patrons annually.

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PVR Announces Crowdsourced Film Campaign - #OuchTheCouch

PVR Announces Crowdsourced Film Campaign #OuchTheCouch

While the nation prepares to move towards normalcy, PVR Cinemas, India's largest and most premium film exhibitor with a portfolio of 845 screens in 176 properties operating in 71 cities, announced a digital campaign inviting cinema enthusiasts to share video clips or images, expressing how much they miss watching movies in a theatre on account of the temporary shut-down of cinemas due to COVID pandemic.

At the end of the campaign, the participant entries will be compiled into a film that would run in PVR when the cinemas reopen and would also feature on the brand's social media pages.

With thousands of titles available on TV and streaming platforms during this period, watching movies from home sitting on the couch, was a popular quarantine pastime. But it does not compare to the experience of watching movies in a theatre for reasons other than just the big screen and the better sound. It is nice to be able to pause the film, but watching movies at home ruins the magic of a shared experience. The regular interruption of doorbell or phone call, or even a poor internet connection spoils the uninterrupted joy of watching movies in a theatre. The #OuchTheCouch campaign is intended to capture similar feelings in cinema lovers.

With this campaign, PVR seeks to connect with its audience by providing them a platform to express how much they miss the 'magic of cinema', and garner their participation for its crowdsourced film.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR Cinemas, said, "It has been over five months that we suspended our operations due to the outbreak of the virus in our country. The longest lockdown interval in the history of cinema exhibition industry has got us missing our patrons dearly. We truly believe that our audiences share our love for the unparalleled experience of watching movies in a theatre, and it is this belief that has led us to reach out to them with this campaign. Nothing could be more rewarding than to hear the stories of our customers, witness their love, and have them join hands with us in our journey to come back together. We are eagerly looking forward to receive their entries and are hopeful of them appreciating the idea."

To participate in the campaign, consumers have to click a photograph or record a video of their "Bored of the Couch moment" and upload it on their social media (facebook, twitter or instagram) with the hashtag #PVR #OuchTheCouch.

The contest steps, terms and conditions can also be viewed here.

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