Help The Youth Develop 'Emotional Wellbeing'

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Help The Youth Develop 'Emotional Wellbeing'

Here’s how your CSR funding can help can train, teach our youth how to develop emotional and psychological wellbeing and becoming self-sufficient to cope with the emotional and mental problems themselves.

Bitgiving FMP This cause is featured on Fund My Project as part of‘s collaboration with Project by: Shrawan Kumar Here's what Shrawan has to say about his project:

Our education system has not much changed with the time and somewhere failed to address the issues that we as students face. There are so many areas (e.g.: exam-oriented culture, overrated curriculum, choice of subjects, experiential learning etc.) where we need intervention in order to reinvent our education system however my focus is on developing emotional and psychological wellbeing amongst the youth.

According to the World Health Organization, India is one of the most depressed countries in the world with a whopping 36% of Indians likely to suffer from major depression at some point in their lives. And another report by WHO in 2015 suggests that 1 out 5 Indians are depressed, which means 20% of Indians are depressed.

The reason for this depression epidemic could be many and I strongly believe that the predominant reason for this is also our inability to cope with it.

What if we can train, teach our youth how to develop emotional and psychological wellbeing and becoming self-sufficient to cope with the emotional and mental problems themselves. This could be a step forward to make this world a better place to be.

What am I doing about it?


I am taking road trips on my motorcycle reaching out to the institutions in various cities across India and conducting #emotionalwellbeing seminars and talks on the key issues our students face in their day to day life esp. related to their emotional well-being.

I will be doing 100 seminars estimated to impact nearly 40,000 students from various cities and small towns. The states I am traveling to are Delhi-NCR, UP, MP, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttrakhand, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and maybe more. You can track my journey on:


It all started after the incident happened in Dec. 2012, where a 2nd year engineering student committed suicide in his hostel room. And this guy was my sister’s classmate. We all were really disturbed and deeply shocked by the incident. I was even angry about it. But didn’t know what to do?

In the next week, I had a seminar scheduled at St. Mary’s Inter College in the city. The audience were the students above age 14. So, at the seminar, I decided to discuss the issues related to one’s emotions. Such as:

  • How to manage their own emotional state?
  • What makes them frustrated, depressed, angry, sad or even happy, loved etc. and
  • How to handle negative emotions?,
  • Peer pressure and Academic Pressure
  • Bullying and criticism, Self-esteem issues,
  • Tendency to seek validation from others, craving for social media followers Etc.
The feedback was heartening, there were lot of messages I received thereafter from the students. Some told their stories, Some simply said ‘Thank you’. They said, “Nobody has ever spoken about such things.” And I am proud of that. So, then on I developed a program caters to the ‘emotional wellbeing’ of the students and delivered the seminars with other institutions as well. So far, I have spoken to more than 20,000 students across states. 

While doing it, I realized that the youth also feel empowered because now they have a little better understanding and awareness of their fears, vulnerabilities, insecurities, own psychology and most importantly now they have the ability to deal with it.


What happens when I don’t raise enough money?

You will better understand if you ever knew that you can make a difference but due to lack of resources you can’t pull this off; how that feels like?

Unfortunately, it may take years to reach out to such a humongous pool of students. Nevertheless, I won’t stop trying. I talk, walk, eat, sleep everything I do is for #ConnectingYouth. This is my ultimate priority in life at the moment.

And lot of people don’t realize the importance of emotional well-being. To create a buzz we need a movement and this is our chance to make it happen. And the money I would use to sustain the campaign for more than 4 months. The calculations made are minimalistic.

If I couldn't raise the target amount, this will hinder the reach of Connecting youth on Wheels" and the impact that we are willing to create.


Risks and Challenges

The average session is for 3 Hrs and the average ride per day would be 100Km for the most part of my journey. This means, I have to be in the best state of my health and spirit every single day. I can’t afford not to have healthy diet and adequate rest every single day.

I will be riding alone on Indian roads/highways (you understand what that is) and shall be connected to my team and volunteers remotely. I will be managing most of thing on my own.  Though I am well prepared with my team of volunteers.

P.S: We will also plant a tree at every institution, where we conduct an "Emotional Wellbeing" Seminar as the echo of this mission. Hoping if all of them flourish, we will add nearly hundred of trees to our environment.

How these Funds will be used

  • Fuel and maintenance (Approx.13,000KM)- 36000/- 
  • Safety Gears and equipment's - Rs 36000 
  • Basic accommodation and food - Rs 87500 (125 Days) 
  • Internet and communication charges - Rs 8000 
  • To support the team who will help us connect to schools and colleges/universities for seminars - Rs 50000/- 
  • Health and Emergencies: 30000/- 
  • Marketing and Miscellaneous: 310000/- 
  • Admin fee - around Rs 18,000 
What is in it for you?
Air Pressure
500/- and above
-We appreciate your support and will mention your name on our social media platforms. The whole world will know how great you’re.
Fuel: 1000/- and above
-We'll send you a personal Thank You note via Chitthi (post card)..
 -And all ‘Air Pressure’ Rewards
2,500/- and above 
-We will send you awesome T-shirt printed with the theme of “Connecting Youth on Wheels”.
-All ‘Fuel’ rewards
Head Lamp:
5,000/- and above 
-You will receive lots of love from hundreds of students participated in seminar through the canvas with signed by them. You can frame it and put as a souvenir of you made an impact in their lives.
 -We will do a seminar at any school or college in your name.
 -And all ‘Wheels’ rewards
Handle Bar
10,000/- and above 
-You are invited to attend our two days’ workshop on “Emotional Wellbeing” for free.
-We will plant a tree at one school/college/university in your name (generations will know about you).
 -And All ‘Head Lamp’ rewards
25,000/- and above
-You are welcome to join us in our journey and interact with students.
-You name will be featured on our Website as #ConnectingYouth patron to our campaign.
 -And all 'Handle Bar' rewards
Note: Cost of International shipping and travel to be borne by the backer and will be mailed during the time of shipment.
We appreciate your contribution and encouragement, and we also understand that not everyone can contribute but you can share it with your friends, family on social media. Also, you can start a support fund-raise campaign in your college, school, office, home, community etc.
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