Help Create The Leaders Of Tomorrow

09 Feb 2017
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Help Create The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Here’s how your CSR funding can help the leaders of tomorrow who are seeking help to challenge their destiny and explore their full potential.

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Project by: Nishtha Singh (for Teach for India)

Funding Required: INR 2 Lacs

Category: Eligible CSR activity as per Companies Act 2013, Schedule VII

(ii) promoting education, including special education and employment enhancing vocation skills especially among children,…

Here’s what Nishtha Singh has to say about this project.

According to the reports 76% of students do not make it to a higher education system.

“52% of standard 5 kids cannot read standard 2 text and 9 lakh teacher vacancies exist in primary and upper primary schools”

As alarming the numbers are, the reality is even harder. Being one of the person who voices for changes and what can be done. I was hit by reality really hard. When I saw students of grade 4 having difficulty reading grade 1 text and writing simple alphabets. I was exposed to reality when their parents work 20 hours a day so that their kids can go to school where we used to crib about how much work we have to do. It was hard when reality hit me and I realized that these kids have no option but to struggle. So I chose to struggle for them.

I decided to become their teacher, friend, guide, mentor of 27 4th graders in Bhausaheb Appa Jadhav 6B EMS, Jail road, Yerwada Pune in July 2016 knowing that I might just be one of the few factors who will support them to achieve the education they need and I might not always be for them but the fact that someone chose to fight their destiny with them is everything for them. Being the only girl child of my parents, I was fortunate to receive the best in life from ICSE school education to a Bachelors in Engineering degree and ending up working in one of the big 4 consulting firms. But during this journey the one thing that stayed along with me every step was education because thats what my parents gave me. “Education is all we have” were my fathers words and that still echoes with me every single day when I step into my classroom and when I see my kids whose parents aren't economically, socially aware of its importance. My why of doing what I do becomes stronger every time when I step into this world of reality. Even though this world is harsh and challenging, it gives you that chance to fill 10 year olds life with hope.

Coming from diverse communities and low income backgrounds their life does not only lack finance but one of the most important thing. Hope. Hope to strive. Hope that their lives can change. I realized that once I enter their lives things will be better. Things did get better kids were excited to come to school and attendance increased by 70%. And suddenly all the kids started enjoying coming to school. Not just that kids made a progress of 1 year in 4 months. Which was incredible. But something was missing. Thats when reality hit me. Again. I realized to keep the kids motivated, parents need to be a part of it. In few weeks parents started being a part of their kids life which is still a continuous process.

In 4 months kids showed immense progress. From academics to overall development. Students started acknowledging not only their studies but also the kind of a person they want to become. As the kids are continuously exposed to an environment of violence, alcohol, domestic violence, gender inequality. Slowly the kids started addressing such issues with each other. It was one of the most powerful thing that I have ever seen in my life.

But again something hit me hard. Reality. The progress of my kids were exponential as compared to my resources. Kids were motivated to learn in a space which promoted learning and to do that one needs are resources. For us resources were never the fact that we don't have a proper blackboard, or a fan in our class or a broken door. For us resources were things that motivated kids to learn. My entire energy focussed on how I can keep this learning going, my lifestyle changed. My weekends changed, my places changed because all I wanted was to spend on my kids who has to think twice before buying a notebook. And I was okay with it. My 2000 expenditure on one weekend was now being used by 27 kids to read books in their library which they hadn't seen before. But it wasn't enough.

Soon I realized that I need more than one person contributing to their lives. Hence I’m reaching out to all of you on behalf of the 27 kids and their parents to come forward and give us your one weekend so that they can sustain to get what they deserve, education. They are not concerned about how much you contribute but the fact that they know that someone is out there ready to fight with them against their destiny is enough to motivate them to learn.

Your every contribution will be used to make a learning and developing space for their kids. It will be used for worksheets, learning aids, library, stationaries, teaching aids, classroom space, sports equipments.

Sports equipments is something that will be focussed on as that will boost the kids self confidence and keep them motivated. Apart from academics kids will also explore their personal interest and the contribution will help them pursue their skills. That will help the kids to hold on to something even after they quit education due to unfortunate circumstances. This is one of the most important domain where you can help the kids to become the next Rahul Dravid or Sania Nehwal.

Your every minor contribution in any denomination will make a major difference in their lives. To give you a clear idea, the contribution made will be used for the following purpose.

  1. Classroom learning space
  2. Stationaries
  3. Library - Different level books for kids at different reading level
  4. Sports equipments
  5. Personalized skill development - Exploring and connecting to their talent

Your one support can make 10 years old believe in their own lives. For you it might be one small contribution or donation but for me its an investment which you are making in a child’s future. For the kids its a hope. Hope to change their lives through Education.

Feel free to contribute as much as you want and can. Reach out to us anytime for anything! ?Even if you are interested in just visiting the kids and the school. The kids and me will be more than happy to welcome you to our world of reality.

If you know anyone who can contribute in any way. Spread the word.

Do care and share :) As they are your leaders for tomorrow.

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