edie Sustainability Reporting Conference, 23 Feb 2016, London

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edie Sustainability Reporting Conference, 23 Feb 2016, London

What: edie Sustainability Reporting Conference

Where: Inmarsat Conference Centre, London

When: 23 February 2016

Why: The edie Sustainability Reporting Conference in February 2016 is well-timed to reflect on the outcome of the Paris agreement and its implementation; including any potential impact on sustainability reporters. In addition participants will hear applicable expertise on reporting innovation, engagement, data gathering, verification and the methods of great report writing.

This conference is designed to showcase award-wining reporting examples, networking opportunities and shared insight to take back to your organisation and drive improvement and efficiency in your own reporting processes.

95% of Global 250 companies have released a sustainability report to realise the reputational, investment, and efficiency benefits that the reporting process provides. The practice is now being adopted by smaller businesses, making it an essential tool for forward-thinking organisations of all sizes.

Attend this CPD-certified conference to:

  • Hear incisive and strategic discussion between framework experts
  • Gain insight into how to improve stakeholder engagement
  • Learn how to get your report started in interactive and constructive sessions
  • Be inspired by cross-sector case studies on materiality, stakeholder engagement and data management
  • Benefit from hearing award-winning reporting case studies
  • Address the need for reliable, verifiable and timely data

Continued Professional Development This conference has been certified for CPD purposes and all attendees are eligible to receive a certificate of their attendance.

For more information visit: www.sb-reporting.net